Equine Photography

    We Add Value

Horsepower Graphics & Marketing photography services ensure you receive added value when you schedule us for a photoshoot.  We offer a full copyright release for EACH image we capture for use whenever, wherever, and however you wish to use it.  Most equine photographers charge an average of $99 per image for a full copyright release.  On average we capture between 100 and 500 images of your horse during a photo session.  This unique package can save you between $9,900 and $49,500 in copyright release fees.  Those savings transfer directly to your wallet.   

Who wants to pay travel, meal, hotel and photography session expenses PLUS copyright release fees just so you can share your images on social media, your website, or have an ad design created?  Not many people that we know!  We offer flat fee session packages at extremely reasonable rates.

In Memory of Phoebe Buffay Beaverhousen


  • 1 Hour Session 1 horse: $250
  • 2 Hour Session 2 horses $350
  • Half Day Session (4 hours multiple horses): $500
  • Full Day Session (8 hours multiple horses): $1000
  • Travel and hotel expenses are billed at $1.00 per mile/car or actual airfare and hotel cost. 
  • Local sessions are billed at the rate of $1.00 per mile. 

The Importance of Good Photography

Good photography of your equine is paramount to the success of your advertising and marketing.  In the digital era, anyone can take a picture with their phone, or point and shoot camera.  However, those images are not going to be high enough resolution or quality for print and digital advertisements, and you don't want blurry or pixelated images on your website or social media channels.  Horsepower Graphics & Marketing can capture the perfect image for you, and we have the ability to change the background on any image we take so that your equine is shed in his best possible light.  Below I have included samples that are both color corrected and not color corrected so you can see the difference in quality.  Each image captured with a full copyright release will be color corrected and have the original, or other suitable background, so that you can begin sharing your images right away.   

FG Totally A Charmer and The Seductress.jpg